In January 2015, Amazon announced that their 2 million third-party vendors sold a record 800 million items worldwide. Via FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), third-party vendors can use Amazon’s vast resources to ship orders, manage inventory, and utilize Amazon’s customer services, but customer returns have always been a pain point, especially for sellers of consumer electronics.

Raise your hand if you have return items piling up on your desk or shelves. We’re raising our hand as well, because we’ve been there. Our founders, Mark and Mike, resold consumer electronics on Amazon, and although we had success in managing our online store, we quickly realized that our assets were being tied up in consumer returned products.

The fact of the matter is - as each day went by and those products remained in our inventory as returned merchandise, they lost value. Diagnosing the problem and having the necessary tools to fix the product was outside our means, and locating the manufacturer warranty took time. However, time was ticking, and we had to either fix the product to relisting condition or return the product - while still under warranty - to the wholesaler or manufacturer so we didn’t lose money. As a result, we worked to solve the the return/refund/relist process.

Raise your hand

Beginning in 2014, we developed and refined our procedures and methods until we perfected the process of helping Amazon third-party sellers gain the most value from returned electronic merchandise, but we didn’t want to stop there.

Marksman Refurbishment Service Center® opened our doors in April 2015, and we have continued to invest in the technology and infrastructure needed to help Amazon third-party sellers, electronic leasing companies, and electronics wholesalers refurbish and resell their product. We are here to help, and we want to share our process and expertise with you.